Volunteer Water Bailiffs

We have divided the whole 18 mile length of the Ver into 12 sections;

  1. River Colne to Moor Mill
  2. Moor Mill to Burydell Lane
  3. Burydell Lane to New Barnes Mill
  4. New Barnes Mill to Sopwell Mill
  5. Sopwell Mill to Holywell Hill
  6. Holywell Hill to Bluehouse Hill
  7. Bluehouse Hill to Bow Bridge
  8. Bow Bridge to Redbournbury
  9. Redbournbury to Dolittle Mill
  10. Dolittle Mill to Redbourn Bypass
  11. Chequers pub to Redbourn golf course to Luton Lane
  12. Flamstead to Markyate (and Kensworth Lynch occasionally)

These 12 sections are regularly patrolled by our Volunteer Bailiffs, usually once a month. They take measurements of the flow, record the state of the river and path, note vegetation and wildlife, and report any pollution, rubbish or fly-tipping. Results are sent to the Bailiff Co-ordinator who can calculate the flow at the designated place for each section and graph the results, giving an overall picture of the state of the Ver, and where necessary inform suitable authorities of problems.

The reports go back to 1976 and although the format has been improved over the years and there have been many changes in the Bailiff team, they form a useful data source for the society to use.

To volunteer please contact Bailiff Co-ordinator Jane Gardiner: or 01727 866331

Ver Valley Society