Mayfly Walks. 23, 26 & 30 May

Join us for an evening Mayfly walk as part of SustFest21 when you should get the chance to see the enigmatic mayfly dancing in clouds along the #RiverVer. To make the most of the spectacle we’re running 3 walks on the Ver, just south of St Albans near Bricket Wood. Presently we will be in groups of six, but with the likelihood of Covid-19 restrictions being relaxed further on May 19 we are taking bookings for a further six people who can join if the rules change as anticipated. The walks are FREE to all, although we would ask non-members to consider joining the Society (£8 per annum). Unfortunately no unaccompanied U18s allowed.

Sunday 23 May 6-8pm: Join walk leader John Pritchard who’ll introduce you to the Ver’s precious mayfly, spot brown trout and add a little fishing history to put the mayfly’s reputation in perspective. Email to reserve your place.

Wednesday 26 May 6-8pm: Join walk leader Melanie Woods who’s an avid photographer, and will not only give you an interesting insight into the mayfly’s evening antics but also include a few tips on getting the best mayfly shots. Email to reserve your place.

Sunday 30 May 6-8pm: Join walk leader Peter White who’s one of the Society members monitoring the health of the Ver through its insect population. Expect to hear about the mayfly and the other invertebrates to be found in the Ver. Email to reserve your place.

Mayfly spend a year or two living as a nymph in the Ver before hatching on a warm day in May or early June. Famously they live for just a day as an adult fly (over 2cm in length plus 3 long tails) before laying their eggs in the river to create the next generation. The ‘hatch’ usually lasts about a fortnight but exactly which two weeks is one of nature’s guessing games. That means our walks will be flexible and if necessary, we’ll roll over the dates to coincide with the hatch and the sort of warm evening that’ll deliver the best display.

Adult Mayfly on the Ver (© Peter White)

We’ll be meeting at Riverside Way Car Park, St Albans AL2 3TX.

Dance of the Mayflies (© Melanie Woods)