COP26 Day of Action, St Albans

Saturday 6th November 11.30am – 1.00pm. Meet St Albans District Council offices and walk to the Clock Tower. We care about our world, our environment and of course our precious chalk stream, the River Ver.

Climate change will put more pressure on our river. Hotter summers mean warm water, lower flows and more demand for water. More extreme rainfall means more water running off roads and into the river bringing pollution with it. The rain is also less likely to penetrate the chalk and make it to the aquifer that supports the Ver – it’ll be straight down the Ver into the Colne and away to the Thames, probably causing flooding along the way.

Any action that reduces the effects of climate change should be good for the Ver. If you’d like to send a signal to the world’s leaders that you care, join us and a host of local environmental groups for a peaceful, family friendly event. Feel free to bring placards if you have them.

The event is organised by Friends of the Earth, St Albans. More details here (there’s no need to book a place):

Less of this…
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Ver Valley Society