Open Meeting Tuesday 18th June 2024

Join us at 7.45pm St Stephen Parish Centre, Bricket Wood , AL2 3PJ.  All Welcome at this FREE event.

Can a rust fungus control Himalayan balsam on the Ver? With Guest speaker: Kate Pollard Project Scientist, CABI*

Himalayan Balsam crowds out native plants

The evening will open with short reports on the state of the Ver – there’s been months of sewage spilling at Markyate and record flows at Colney Street.  Plus, there are wildlife highs and lows to reveal.  After a short break for refreshments, we’ll hand over to our guest speaker who will explain how a rust fungus could become the most effective method of biocontrol to counter Himalayan balsam. Will it mean that soon we can hang up our balsam bashing boots for good?

Do come along and find out!

Can a rust really save the day?

*CABI is a not-for-profit international organisation providing science-based solutions to pests and disease problems across the world ( The Invasive Species Management team at CABI in Egham, Surrey have been funded by Defra and other partners since 2011 to investigate the scope of biological control (biocontrol) of invasive, non-native aquatic and riparian plant species in the UK.

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