Owl News

The annual check of the Society’s owl boxes has begun. First indications are that it’s been a good year for the Barn Owls of the Ver Valley. There are at least 3 occupied boxes containing young owls on their way to adulthood.

The next few weeks are critical to their survival and the cold wet days we are having might be good for the river but are not ideal hunting weather for the adults searching out field voles in the long grass.

On the other hand, Little Owls are much more tolerant of damp conditions and enjoy tucking into earthworms as part of their more varied diet. One of smaller owl boxes has been occupied regularly over the past few years and last week a feisty youngster was briefly removed for ringing along with one of the parent birds.
(📷 John Fisher)

A young Barn Owl
Grumpy young Little Owl
Adult Little Owl
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