Reporting Pollution

What you can do.
There have been numerous reports of pollution in the Ver and Red in the past year – all sorts from uncharacteristic bubbles on the surface, to the river running yellow with silt and the discovery of sewage
Step 1. Act fast. Don’t assume others have reported it!
Step 2. Take photographs and film of what you can see. Especially note any wildlife in distress, such as dead or dying fish.
Step 3. Call 0800 80 70 60 that’s the Environment Agency Incident Line.
Step 4. Give details of what you saw and ask for the Reference Number.
Step 5. Send a brief description and the reference number to the Ver Valley Society (Bailiff Co-ordinator, Melanie Woods mellorwoods@, so that the local bailiff can keep an eye on it.
Step 6. Call 03708 506506 ten days later for an update. The EA are unlikely to call you.

Ver Valley Society