Volunteers Wanted – Water Quality

We are increasing our water quality monitoring programme on the River Ver. We need your help! The sewage treatment works at the top of the Ver which spilled for 2642 hours in 2021 is bad news for the Ver. So are the residual nitrates that are present in the aquifer. Add some polluting road runoff and our chalk stream is in poor health so that the insects at the bottom of the food chain are not as plentiful as they should be and aquatic plant life is badly affected too. To better understand, we are adding monitoring points and will be sampling four times a year. It’ll take about 40 minutes to complete your task – three simple tests for Phosphates, Nitrates and Turbidity. If you’d like to hear more and join in, please contact johnp@riverver.co.uk for details.

Checking the Nitrate levels
Ver Valley Society